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The All4you handling service.

Step 1: Initial contact and contract preparation

Initial contact is made through the website or over the phone. This is frequently to explain what CARTV’s role is and what a salvage exchange actually does. During the conversation, we send the vehicle owner/seller a data protection agreement from us online or by e-mail and record their data as soon as they have given their written consent. In the next step, the seller receives a pre-filled purchase agreement in electronic form.

Step 2: Detailed coordination

As soon as we have the purchase agreement and other documents, the next steps can be taken. We make sure that all documents are available when you pick up your vehicle (vehicle registration certificate and title [registration certificate [parts 1 and 2, where applicable], vehicle keys, etc.). We are happy to clarify whether we should deregister the vehicle. If the vehicle is financed or leased, we contact the banks or leasing companies and take all the necessary steps here, too. On request, we arrange appointments and explain to the contracting parties what is required for deregistration – the number plate, for example. Another very important issue is whether payment of the residual value or purchase price should be made in cash on site or by bank transfer.

Vehicles with the following characteristics can also be handled without difficulty:

  • Foreign registered vehicles
  • Vehicles that have undergone fire or theft damage
  • Special-purpose vehicles

Step 3: After the purchase

Between the conclusion of the contract and collection of the vehicle, our All4you team is available to assist the seller and buyer with any issues that arise.

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Step 4: Vehicle handover

Our All4you team is also happy to answer any questions you may have about vehicle handover.