It never hurts: mass scheduling with CARTV calendar.

CARTV calendar

Unfortunately, the weather often goes haywire: severe thunderstorms occur again and again – possibly accompanied by hail – affecting many vehicle owners simultaneously. If this requires mass scheduling, we will help you to keep track of your appointments with ease.


Problems with hail?
You can find our hail service providers here.


CARTV calendar – the portal for mass loss events

The online portal developed by CARTV can be used to manage collective inspections at a variety of locations and with different time slots. The CARTV calendar allows you to arrange appointments faster, make them more flexible and reduce waiting times. Thanks to our online portal you have an overview around the clock. The user-friendly application enables you to manage your appointments yourself. In addition, the following optional functions are available:

  • appointment confirmation by SMS or e-mail
  • automatic status updates.


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