Let the professionals find for you the best residual value for your motor vehicle

car.tv's policy: to determine residual values with minimal effort for the client: your data can be entered via our interface system. Regional and nationwide rebuyers then place their bids for your advertised vehicle. Just 24 hours later, you'll have the binding residual values.


You and your coustomers will both profit!

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Up to 3.000 vehicles advertised for auction

At car.tv, you'll find a large selection of post-accident vehicles at fair prices. Every day, up to 3,000 vehicles placed on auction are waiting for your bids. Our service team will be happy to help you at the starting phase, and during the purchase phase if you wish. A first-class basis for a successful business transaction!


It's your business!

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Someone would like to buy your post-accident vehicle?

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     recommended/offer? for your post-accident vehicle?

  • ⇒ You would like to sell a vehicle?
    Using professional dealers, car.tv determines a binding residual value for your vehicle. You then decide whether to accept this residual value  and sell your vehicle.
    Let us know now!

Sell your car - simple and comfortable!

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