General Terms & Conditions 1 July 2019

Dear Customers,

on 3 June 2019, we sent you a Newsletter informing you about the amendment of the General Terms & Conditions of CARTV s.r.o. which, unfortunately, contained a mistake regarding the effective date of our General Terms & Conditions. Of course these are to become effective in 2019, not only on 15 June 2020.

We wold hereby like to correct this typing error. To give you sufficient time to object in case you do not agree to the amendment of our General Terms & Conditions, please note that the amended General Terms & Conditions will enter into force only on 1 July 2019.

Please also be informed that, in the course of the amendments, the General Terms & Conditions of CARTV GmbH will now also be adjusted.

The amended General Terms & Conditions of CARTV s.r.o. and of CARTV GmbH are available to you on our website Should you not agree to these amendments of our General Terms & Conditions, you have the right to object. The  objections must be made in writing and be received by CARTV s.r.o. or, as the case may be, by CARTV GmbH by 30 June2019 (you will find the address on our website). If you do not object to the amendment, these General Terms & Conditions will be applicable as amended from 1 July 2019.

We apologize for first stating a wrong date.

Yours most sincerely

Your CART Team