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CARTV check

Through the combined use of five different online used car markets and CARTV's data analysis, CARTV check offers you the perfect solution.

CARTV calendar

The online portal developed by CARTV is used to manage collective inspection sites and configure time slots. Learn more.


With CARTV sky, you as a dealer can access the data of the CARTV salvage exchange anytime and anywhere and buy or sell accident vehicles at the click of a mouse.

CARTV All4you

We will speak to the leasing company/bank on your behalf, support you with correspondence and contract documents and payment. Learn more about the CARTV All4you handling service.

CARTV gate

CARTV gate offers motor vehicle experts, insurance companies or fleet operators the possibility to place vehicles on the CARTV platform without their own management solution.

CARTV tracking

CARTV tracking offers adjusters, experts and insurers online access to the current bidding round. This way you always have an overview of the current status of your listings.