Alter Bus mit offener Autotür vor Landschaft
Alte Autotür in braun und verrostet

The solution for authors of expert opinions without an interface connection.

CARTV gate+

CARTV gate+ is a web application that vehicle experts can use to prepare vehicle damage reports.

In addition to CARTV gate functionality (Verlinkung), CARTV gate+ offers:

  • Entry of general basic data for preparation of expert opinion
    • Preparation of expert opinions is limited to 120 per year
  • Entry of addresses such as those of the customer, vehicle owner, insurance company, lawyer, vehicle repair shop, place of inspection, etc.
  • Integration of various methods for calculating depreciation
  • Use of a text library for preparation of expert opinions
  • Integrated interface to the CARTV salvage exchange
  • Tool for manual invoicing
  • Freely generated letters, also with access to possible text library